What is  Hypnosis ? 

               Hypnosis is the ancient state of mind, that is as old as magic. The use of the hypnotic trance, or altered state of conciousness by tribal shamans, goes  back way before the mystical Egyptions and the people of ancient Greece. It was used in the later part of the 18th century in Vienna and Paris, for surgeries in the medical world. As we move forward in time, hypnosis has become more popular worldwide and recognized as a form of therapy. 

The Hypnotherapy session has four stages: 

         In the begining, you find yourself relaxing and focusing, unable to become distracted.  As we go deeper, the focus and relaxation is amplified. The goal of these first two stages is to leave the client open to positive suggestions that we go over in the cognitive portion of our session prior to entering this altered state. The positive suggestions delivered at this time are what make change possible for the client. Carefully chosen language is delivered in the highest intent, only to bring about the most beneficial outcome for our sessions. Once the emergence happens, one begins to return to a space of cognitive thinking, in a wonderful sense of peace and grounding in the present moment.